About Tarnów

Galician atmosphere of Tarnów attracts tourists from all over the world who return again and again to re-experience its unique charm. Mixture of Gothic and Renaissance buildings and fortifications , in addition to a Medieval street layout give the Old Town its own distinct flavor. Complimenting the scenic aesthetics is the jovial spirit of its inhabitants, unique to the southern cities of Poland.


The American CNN has prepared a ranking of the most beautiful smaller cities in Europe, which can boast, for example, architecture or a specific regional culture. One of Poland was among the fifteen towns. It is about Lesser Poland Tarnów.

CNN said that although the city is one of the larger towns in the south of our country, it has retained its “small-town” character. The authors of the list drew attention especially to the local Old Town with its Renaissance tenement houses.

According to the American editorial office, Tarnów resembles Krakow before mass tourism flourished in the latter city. “The market square is a great mix of architectural styles. We have a beautiful gothic church and remains of Jewish heritage, although this community suffered more or less during World War II” – stated in the justification of the ranking.

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