31th March, Thursday:

Arrival of Members of the EKO Management Board and Committees Members

1st April, Friday:

Arrival of invited referees and National teams
09.00 – 16.00 Weight and medical control – Hotel „Tarnovia”
09:00 EKO Referee Committee Meeting – Hotel „Tarnovia”
EKO Technical and Grading Committee Meeting – Hotel „Tarnovia”
EKO Medical and Antidoping Committee Meeting – Hotel „Tarnovia”
EKO Board Meeting  – Hotel „Tarnovia”
12:30-15:00 Lunch
13.30 – 16.00 Referee Seminar
16:30 EKO General Meeting – Hotel „Tarnovia”
18.30 Draws – Hotel „Tarnovia”
20.00-22:00 Dinner for all competitors, coaches and referees
20.00 Welcome Dinner (Officials, Branch Chiefs) – Hotel „Tarnovia”

2nd April, Saturday:

7.00 Transfers from hotel to sportshall for Kata competitors and refeeres
8.00 Referee briefing
8.30 Kata individual and teams
9.00 Transfers from hotel to sportshall for Kumite competitors
11.00 Opening Ceremony and Demonstrations
11.45 Referee briefing
12:00 Kata Awarding Ceremony
12.30 Preliminary and semifinals rounds on 3 Tatamis
15.30 Demonstration
16.00 Finals and anti-dopings control
17.15 Kumite Awarding Ceremony
Transfers from sportshall to hotel
21.00 Sayonara Party Hotel „Cristal Park”

3rd April, Sunday:

Check out and departure